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cheikh efrita


Cheikh Efrita reinvents a century-old Tunisian musical repertoire, projecting it into the present through a stylistic palette ranging from IDM to Hyperpop, Breakbeat to Footwork and Post-Club. His compositions are based on Tunisian archive music from the 1920s-1950s, and this debut album is an homage to 7 artists, most of them famous female singers: Cheikh El Afrit, Habiba Msika, his aunt Leila Sfez, Saliha, Louisa Tounsia, Fritna Darmon, and the Bnat Chemama group. These reinterpreted pieces reveal frenetic rhythms and languorous harmonic climaxes. The sounds of lithophones and intense basses bring out new motifs and tensions, amplifying the very quality of the archives and their inherent audio properties in a vibrant and sensitive way. The album, illustrated with a booklet of ten images by Alex Baladi, features the image of the legendary Habiba Msika on its cover. Each individual track is associated with a particular piece from this booklet. The original booklet and the only existing physical copy of the double LP will be on display at the release party at Glassbox on Feb. 10, 2024.

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